My experience at Crazy Burger was not quite the one I was expecting, but not in a bad way. It was my first time visiting and I wasn’t really sure what to expect and didn’t go into it with a whole lot of information about it prior to my visit. But, hopefully, this article about my experience helps you so you know what to expect when you visit Crazy Burger. 

First of all, I will start off by saying that my experience was different because I was envisioning it to be a “fast food” kind of place. Comparable to something like Five Guys. Crazy Burger is a sit-down restaurant with a huge menu to choose from. One of the employees that I spoke to on my visit told me that some popular burgers are The Fire “Works” Burger and the Goofy Gorgonzola Burger. The burgers there are quite large, as well as their portions of sides like fries. To drink, the chai’s there are really popular. She also told me that Crazy Burger was featured on the show Drivers, Dine Ins, and Dives. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Another thing that surprised me about Crazy Burger is that they served breakfast! From omelets to breakfast sandwiches, to pancakes, french toast, and even crepes! The menu there is so big, and I would guess that they are most likely going to have whatever you may be in the mood for. 

Something else on their menu that drew my attention was the shakes and frozen lemonades. Some of their shakes are chocolate banana, chocolate chip cookie, and coffee peanut butter. I was super intrigued by the frozen lemonades and loved the strawberry one. 

Here’s a fun fact for you. Crazy Burger has been open since 1995! So they are not newcomers to the restaurant industry, and they definitely know what they are doing. Since 1955, they have been on Boon Street in Narragansett Pier which I think is an amazing spot. There are so many cute little shops and fun things to do around Narragansett Pier, and of course, there’s the beach right down the street. The atmosphere on Boon Street is so fun and there are just so many things to do, so Crazy Burger is a great place to spot for a bite during your stroll through the pier.

So, the Crazy Burger experience wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be because it was even better. Now we all know that Crazy Burger doesn’t just sell burgers, which one, (including myself) may think. They have every meal of the day covered and will keep you coming back for more.