Looking for a fun date night with your significant other, or maybe a girl’s night…a family dinner? No matter what the occasion is, I have got the perfect dinner/dessert combo for you. What I am about to share with you will provide you yummy food, a sweet dessert, not to mention some breathtaking views. If you are looking for a night out in the Narragansett area, head over to The Coast Guard House. When you’re finished with your food there, take the scenic walk over to Nana’s Ice Cream for dessert. Trust me, you’ll love this!

The Coast Guard House opened up in the 1940s. In 1979, it expanded to year-round dining. A fun fact about the Coast Guard House is that in the 1800s, there used to be a United States Coast Guard station. Now, it is a restaurant that has been bringing families and friends together for years. Make sure to have your camera ready when you visit the Coast Guard House, because you are going to want to snap a pic of these views.  

The Coast Guard House is a seafood restaurant, so they have a lot of seafood options like octopus, lobster, swordfish, salmon, clams, and more. If seafood isn’t really your thing, that’s okay because they also have options like rigatoni bolognese, filet mignon, strip steak, and burgers. The Coast Guard House entrees range from about $24-$37, so it leans towards the more expensive side, but it is definitely worth it.  

One of the best parts about the Coast Guard House is its location. It is located right on the water, so you get an amazing view while you eat your meal. If you want an even better view of the water, they have outdoor seating available. With summer right around the corner, this would be a great place to enjoy some yummy seafood. Plus, what’s better than hearing the relaxing sound of the waves rolling in?

Make sure you save some room for dessert because after you finish your meal, we are headed over to Nana’s Ice Cream. Nana’s is only a 5-minute walk from the Coast Guard House. Nana’s has been open since 1985 and is located right near Narragansett beach. Nana’s has 50 flavors and serves gelato, hard ice cream, soft serve, and frozen yogurt. They also have gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. Some of their flavors include bubble gum, campfire s’mores, coffee oreo, cookie monster, dinosaur crunch, and snickers. They also have birthday cake, blood orange, cookie dough, chocolate dutch fudge, lemon, mango, oreo strawberry, and vanilla, all dairy-free. They also have dairy-free gelato. Of course, they have toppings, and a whole lot of them including cookie dough bites, Hershey kisses, peanut butter cups, sour patch kids, sour worms, and more. Nana’s is a great place to go for something sweet. 

So, next time you are looking for a night out, try this Coast Guard House and Nana’s Ice Cream combo. Get great food, a sweet treat, and a beautiful view along the way.