Plein Air Painter Reception: Russ Kramer

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Plein Air Painter Reception: Russ Kramer
Saturday Aug 7, 2021

Ocean House

5:00pm – 6:00pm

$15 for day guests; complimentary for overnight hotel guests

Fire Pit / Herb Garden

On select weekends, local artists are invited to Ocean House to share their artistic vision and give a demonstration of their skills. Meet artist Russ Kramer, represented by Russell Jinishian Gallery, who will be painting en Plein Air at Ocean House August 7 & 8 on Ocean House hotel grounds. Come see and hear how he creates his stunning paintings of Ocean House surroundings and other work. Finished paintings will be available for purchase.

Enjoy a reception at Ocean House on Saturday evening from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. to meet the artist. Every once in a decade a dynamic talent bursts onto the scene injecting exciting new energy and captivating imagery into the field. In recent years Russ Kramer has emerged as one of these artists.

About Russ Kramer

After cutting his artistic ‘eye teeth’ as a staff artist for the Tampa Tribune, where he created literally hundreds of dramatic depictions of daily news events as they unfolded– he went on to refine his skills by engineering the entire re-design of major newspapers like the Wichita Eagle, and the Christian Science Monitor–all the while remaining a Marine Artist in the making. His inspiration at an early age was none other than the master watercolorist Carl Evers, whose book The Marine Painting of Carl Evers started Russ on his chosen path.

By 2002 he was pursuing his Marine Art career full time. His vibrant, action-packed renditions of classic yachting wowed collectors right from the start. They were quickly acknowledged by the experts when he received an Award of Excellence and two Yachting Awards at the prestigious Mystic International Maritime Exhibitions.

Since then, Russ’ marine paintings have also been featured prominently in Yachting, Wooden Boat, Sail and Italy’s leading yachting magazine Yacht Design. His own design of a classic motor yacht “The Kramer55” was spotlighted by Yachting magazine and is scheduled to begin construction in the near future. He has participated in many offshore passages from Newport to Jamaica, and the well- known St. Petersburg to Havana Race. The New York Times best-selling author Ted Bell sought him out and commissioned him to create original paintings for two of his best-selling books “Nick of Time” and “The Time Pirates.” His fellow artists already think so highly of his contributions to the field that in 2010 he was elected to serve as President of the American Society of Marine Artists.

To create his complex compositions Russ combines old fashioned drawing skills– posing actual people dressed in period costume– with photography and special computer programs to arrive at just the right combination of realism and atmosphere to incorporate into his canvases. His unique vision creates first-hand experiences for the viewer, putting you right on board during some of history’s greatest yacht races. He’s also completed many paintings of individual yachts on commission from classic Watch Hill “15’s” and “J24’s,” to one of a kind 52’ Schooners, and a 135’ Jongert designed ketch. Regardless of subject matter, a sense of the dramatic moment, combined with meticulous research and attention to detail have helped his work find an enthusiastic audience among sailors and connoisseurs of fine painting.

Reservations are required for hotel guests and day guests. All safety protocols will be in place.

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