The Bike Stop Cafe in Narragansett is a restaurant that not only has a whole lot of great food, but also a whole lot of charm. 

The Bike Stop Cafe has looked a bit different since COVID. Owner Casey Montanari said that they have not opened their dining room to the public quite yet, but they still do have curbside available. She said when they do open fully again, she would like to have some outdoor seating available to customers. In the meantime, she plans to do some construction on the inside of the restaurant, such as redoing all the floors so the establishment and giving it a little makeover so it is ready when reopened to the public again.  

When it came to opening the restaurant, Casey had been a part of the restaurant industry for a while, and over time, she started to discover things that she liked and things that she didn’t like. After working in different restaurants for so long, she decided to open up her own place. She used all of that knowledge to open up Bike Stop Cafe. Now, the cafe is in its ninth year.

A lot of the charm that comes along with Bike Stop Cafe is from the decor on the inside. There are tons of old bikes hanging on the walls in the restaurant, some of which date back to the ’40s. Looking at all of the old bikes hanging in the cafe really makes you wonder who they belonged to and how where they’ve traveled. It truly does give the restaurant some charm and makes it unique from everything else around it.  

There is also a lot more to this cafe than just its food. They also have grocery items available for purchase as well as plants which will be coming soon. Casey said she started selling plants last year as a way to talk to customers in the midst of the pandemic. She sat outside and was able to interact with them a little bit, and she wants to continue the plants this year too.

As far as food goes at Bike Stop, there are a whole lot of options to choose from. Some of the most popular items sold at the cafe are fish tacos and anything with barbecue pulled pork typically does really well. They also have wood-fired pizza, lobster mac and cheese, fish and chips, and burgers. 

Casey hopes that Bike Shop Cafe will be open to the public next month, in limited numbers. Hopefully, very soon, the cafe will be full of people and having live music like it usually is. I really look forward to being able to visit this cafe again once it is back in full swing!