Whether you like it hot or iced, frozen or frothed, Narragansett’s coffee shop scene has something for everyone. The best part? All of these spots come with either a water view or darn close to it! Coffee and the sea? Sounds good to me!

Fuel Coffee Bar

Hit the Liquid is the motto at this spot, located in the Bonnet Shores section of ‘Gansett. Fuel takes their coffee very seriously, especially their iced coffee. They offer more than 20 flavors and rather than using sugary syrups, they oil-infuse their beans, soaking them for 24 hours to capture the full flavor prior to brewing. Their beans come from nearby Rhody Roasters.  Their espresso drinks are made with an old-fashioned pull lever machine and their baked goods are fresh and natural, with gluten-free and vegan options too. Fuel is popular among the college crowd as well as beachgoers and during non-covid times, is welcoming to those in need of some wifi and a comfortable place to sit. In the summer, there are a few outdoor seats too, and their location is JUST close enough to the beach that if the wind blows a certain way, you can smell the salt air from outside.  

Cool Beans Cafe

Located just across the way from the famous Narragansett Towers, Cool Beans serves up delicious coffee drinks, as well as healthy treats like smoothies, acai bowls, oatmeal bites, and their famous bliss balls, made up of peanut butter, oats, toasted coconut, pepitas, honey, and cinnamon. During non-covid times, they offer bar-style seating as well as comfy leather couches, and tables for working. Currently, they are operating as takeout-only with an outdoor pickup area and newly added seating area in the parking lot, complete with a tent, fire pit, and heat lamps, but quite honestly, the best place to enjoy your coffee and snack is just across the street, perched up on the Narragansett sea wall with your legs dangling below, watching the surfers and admiring the view.

Coffee & Bagel Connection

While this spot may fly under the radar for some, the locals know it’s one of the best spots for coffee and bagels (as the name might imply) in the area. Located near the URI Bay Campus, they serve hot and iced coffee, as well as iced tea and other specialty coffee drinks, and offer a much-appreciated EXTRA LARGE option on their iced beverages. They make great breakfast sandwiches and their frosted cinnamon rolls are a fan favorite in my house.  But the best part? They have a drive-through!

Java Madness

Although technically just next door in neighboring Wakefield, Java Madness deserves a mention for their view alone, along with their great coffee and food options. Located on a pond next door to a marina, this waterfront community coffee house provides a great spot for meeting up with friends, enjoying breakfast or lunch, or listening to local musicians out on the deck. Their covered deck is open year-round with heaters and offers some incredible views of the boats in the harbor on a warm summer’s day, or of a serene snow-covered marina in the winter months. They serve a variety of coffee options, fresh bagels, baked goods, and plenty of breakfast and lunch sandwiches to choose from. Nearby marina park in also a great spot to plop down a blanket and relax, or to visit their weekly farmers market in the summer.